Blitz TV

Real people. Real lives. Real hunting. As they try to find an equilibrium between work, family and pursuing their passion of hunting mature big game, two-time NFL Pro-bowler Trent Cole, his co-host Josh Atkinson and the Blitz TV crew, take viewers full circle from one hunting season to the next and bring them true-to-life struggles and victories from in and out of the woods. Balancing life’s demands while playing the chess match with wild, fair chase animals is a tough endeavor, but it’s one these men and women revel in. As they attempt to tip the scales in their favor, viewers will see all the strategies they employ to achieve success, as well as jokes and tomfoolery between friends. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes the outcome they’re looking for ends up just beyond reach. Either way, they have a blast doing it and invite all to take a front row seat on the wild ride as they attempt to finish the game.