Connor, un joven norteamericano, obsesionado con España, vuelve a casa y se encuentra con que su madre ha muerto y su novia le engaña con su hermano. Su terapeuta le otorga un anillo con el que es capaz de viajar a cualquier parte del mundo que desee, con una sola condición: no visitar el mismo sitio dos veces

Coque Malla meets with a number of female artists during the creative process of his new musical work. Intimate essays, confidences, complicity, sense of humour and creative passion that will culminate in the live recording of the album ´Mujeres´ (Women). A journey through the life of an artist with songs and women as absolute protagonists, with the exception of his close friend, Antonio Dyaz. ESP: Coque Malla se reúne con varias artistas femeninas durante el proceso creativo de su nuevo trabajo musical. Ensayos intimistas, confidencias, complicidad y pasión creativa que culmina con la grabación del disco ´Mujeres´. Un viaje por la vida del artista con canciones y mujeres como protagonistas absolutas, con la excepción de su amigo cercano, Antonio Dyaz

18 años después, Julien vuelve a Albania con el objetivo de entender la muerte de su esposa Ángela. Con la ayuda de sus antiguos colegas, se adentrará en un mar de grabaciones, informes policiales y visiones del Más Allá

Tito is a man in his fifties. In the middle of a personal crisis, he decides to return to his village, from which he left more than 15 years ago, with the intention of putting in order what little he has left, his house. When he arrives, he finds a shady village subjected to the abuse of Los Crespo. With them lives La Rusa (the Russian girl), who will change her plans.  ESP: Tito es un hombre cerca de los 50. En plena crisis personal, decide volver a su pueblo, del que se fue hace más de 15 años, con la intención de poner en orden lo poco que le queda, su casa. Cuando llega se encuentra un pueblo sombrío sometido al abuso de Los Crespo. Con ellos vive La Rusa, quien cambiará sus planes.

Eva a young and independent woman returns to Málaga (Spain) to spend the summer holidays. There she meets her mother and Gema, her best friend. What she does not expect is to meet again with Rubén, her old best friend, with whom she has not had any contact since he broke off all relations with her unexpectedly.  ESP: Eva, una joven fuerte e independiente regresa a su ciudad natal para pasar las vacaciones de verano. Allí la esperan su madre y Gema, su única e incondicional amiga. Lo que Eva no esperaba es encontrarse con Rubén, quién solía ser su mejor amigo hasta que un día el chico decidió cortar el contacto inesperadamente 

La verdadera historia de un niño, que sueña con convertirse en guerrero, y su hermana son secuestrados, llevados a una tierra lejos de casa. Lanzado a un mundo donde la codicia y la injusticia lo gobiernan todo, encuentra el coraje para alzar la voz y hacer un cambio.

A generational portrait of Spain's youth in a time of crisis, "Nosotros" follows a group of five friends during the weekend of the Spanish presidential election held in December 2015.

A delivery boy from a grocery store gets the dream opportunity of participating in his favorite reality show.

Luz emigrated to Italy in search of a better future. In Colombia she has left his two years son by his family. But her European dream begins to truncate and turn into a series of misfortunes. She assumes her new social status and start from scratch, working in the cleaning sector.

Arizona, 1875. Travis Lebeck lays unconscious in the desert. A family rescues him and then he decides to continue his way. Everything changes when an unexpected outlaw gang arrives forcing Travis to vary his plans.

When Sebastian returns to his hometown to take care of his sick mother, he finds out he has an 8-year-old son, a secret kept by his ex-girlfriend Lucia. While reliving his past with her, Sebastian’s husband unexpectedly arrives.

La verdadera historia de un niño cuyos sueños construyeron un reino. El legendario Walt Disney tuvo una infancia tumultuosa, pero estaba decidido a superar los obstáculos en su camino, antes de la creación de su primer personaje icónico: Mickey Mouse.

Loba is the journey that discovers how we experience childbirth nowadays with mothers and midwives testimonies.

Adam & Samuel, twin brothers who dream of success as cinema stunt men, become entangled with mafia after accepting an obscure assignment. Now, they are in for the fight of their lives. And this time, it's real.

Four artists - born in the same city - dig deep to reveal their connection with music. They are modern troubadours. Music is their soul - their lyrics transmit an intimate, sincere and unconventional message. A superb portrait of underground artists. (SUBTITLED)

Joel finds his wife’s dog Elvis half dead. This forces him out of home, something he has avoided for some time. After forgetting his keys inside, he’ll spend the day desperately trying to get back into his flat, his shelter

Arturo is secretly in love with his best friend Maria Elena who just see him as a good friend. Arturo wants to say the truth and invite her to the prom dance.

On the day of their dear friend’s funeral, three lifelong buddies steal the ashes and go on an adventure to see their favorite soccer team play in their final game -- with the deceased’s widow in hot pursuit.

Five women trapped in an elevator confess their bitter life experiences caused by evil men and society. Starring acclaimed Miss Universe, Denisse Quiñones. (Subtitled)

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