The mighty Mississippi River bleeds muddy water into an alluvial plain, what is known as The Mississippi Delta. Thousands of slaves were brought in from West Africa to the Mississippi Delta. Their task was to clear the forest with hand saws and axes, build the levees, then till and plant cotton in the newly uncovered earth. It was a place of total isolation from the outside world, known as Plantations. The music helped them endure and flowed like no other place on Earth.

This film highlights the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King and the popular movement that led to the passage of congressional legislation to create a national holiday in his honor.The one hour film, co-hosted by actors LeVar Burton and Marla Gibbs, features exclusive interviews with Coretta King and Stevie Wonder. The Program discusses the King Holiday legislation that was introduced in Congress days after Dr. King was assassinated and took fifteen years to become law in 1983. The program features the inspiring and historic speeches of Dr. King and live performance on the National Mall of Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday".

James Brown: The Man, The Music & The Message is an inspiring program focusing on the remarkable life story of James Brown and how he influenced the world through his music and civic accomplishments. The film specifically explores James Brown's transition from an at-risk youth who faces life's difficult circumstances and challenges to a cultural icon. It also features private interviews and appearances from various entertainment celebrities including Michael Jackson. This entertainment special will send a positive message to the nation by paying homage to the man, the music, and the message of James Brown.

For seven days and seven nights, Blaine is submerged in 10,000 gallons of water in front of Manhattan's Lincoln Center. Liver damage, kidney failure, loss of feeling in fingers and toes threaten his attempt to break the world record of 8 minutes 58 seconds for underwater breath-holding in Drowned Alive.

This series follows twenty-two-year-old Marcus King who, with the help of his two closest friends, navigates through life after college and the ups and downs that come along with it.

Erica, a young woman struggles to accept reality as the news warnings of impending death loomed over civilization like never before.

The Black Vote is a show hosted by Bruce B. Holmes that focuses on the voting trends of African Americans and how candidates use their platforms to influence the outcome of elections.  The Black Vote will interview current and up coming political figures, law makers, community activists and of course the voters.  This show will bring a unique perspective to the opinions of every segment of the black community.

After interviewing hundreds of individuals and collecting thousands of pages of state and federal statutes and records, News21 found as many as 63 million people – nearly a fifth of the country – were exposed to potentially unsafe water more than once during the past decade. Twenty-nine journalism students from 18 universities took part in the project, which included a 30-minute documentary and numerous long-form stories.

Bruce Holmes interviews Andre Dickens Candidate for Mayor of Atlanta

A heart-felt interview with the Ahmaud Arbery family, plus an interview with Bishop Leaphart.

Bruce Holmes interviews activist Kamau Franklin founder of Community Movement Builders, Hon. Larry Johnson President NACO

Bruce interviews Ms Pooh from Love and Hip Hop and Championship Boxer Brandon 'Bulletproof' Glandon

Bruce interviews activist Yusef Shakur and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Bruce sits down with Prescott Smith of the Bahamas to discuss misappropriations of resources.

UBCTV- Our programming goal is to offer compelling, innovating, uplifting, informative and entertaining programming which reflects the worldwide urban multi-cultural experience.

Culturally Lit Africa - EFUA & Manhakim Lit. Ep.52
In this episode, we speak to Efua about her most recent song release with fellow childhood friend and artist Manhakim.

A look into the faith based and black community and the disparities that are faced with black and brown people living with conditions such as diabetes, mental illness, cardiovascular and more. We meet some of the top names in health and faith to expose the issues.

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