The Black Vote is a show hosted by Bruce B. Holmes that focuses on the voting trends of African Americans and how candidates use their platforms to influence the outcome of elections.  The Black Vote will interview current and up coming political figures, law makers, community activists and of course the voters.  This show will bring a unique perspective to the opinions of every segment of the black community.

Bruce Holmes interviews Andre Dickens Candidate for Mayor of Atlanta

A heart-felt interview with the Ahmaud Arbery family, plus an interview with Bishop Leaphart.

Bruce Holmes interviews activist Kamau Franklin founder of Community Movement Builders, Hon. Larry Johnson President NACO

Bruce interviews Ms Pooh from Love and Hip Hop and Championship Boxer Brandon 'Bulletproof' Glandon

Bruce interviews activist Yusef Shakur and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Bruce sits down with Prescott Smith of the Bahamas to discuss misappropriations of resources.

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