iHollywoodTV: The TV Show premieres on GlewedTV June 19th

Atlanta GA-based media company iHollywoodTV is announcing a major expansion in talk programming for VOD viewers. CEO and Media Personality, Noah Wilson of iHollywoodTV and Glewed TV, a leading video-on-demand (VOD) discovery, live distribution platform for original and professionally produced video content are bringing pop-culture fans an exclusive series titled, “iHollywoodTV: The TV Show” where Noah will bring informative and in-depth interviews with some of today’s most popular stars in Hollywood appealing to all audiences on a national scale. “iHollywoodTV: The TV Show” will run as a 22 minute series airing new episodes every weekend beginning Saturday, June 19 on Glewed TV. Jo Frost who is known as America’s favorite nanny from the hit television series ‘Supernanny’ will be Noah’s first guest. Jo’s exclusive sit-down interview with Noah will air June 19 to kick-off the season premiere of “iHollywoodTV: The TV Show”.

Upcoming guests include actress and former reality television personality, Jamie Chung, Viral Moms Cat & Nat, Faith Ford (Murphy Brown), Japanese Girl Group, FAKY, America’s Got Talent star Nightbirde and many more celebrity appearances in Noah’s first season.

“I’m so excited to bring to viewers an exclusive professional television and digital series to my loyal fans that have watched me from my days on YouTube and continue to stick beside me,” said Noah Wilson, CEO and Media Personality of iHollywoodTV. “This exclusive deal with Glewed TV will not only showcase my personality, but will be an entertaining program that will shine a spotlight on every talent I bring on the show from being TikTok or Instagram famous to an actor or actress coming on my series to discuss their latest movie, TV show or product. I have a good feeling that my show will have viewers talking, replaying episodes and craving for the next episode. I’m also very honored to serve as the Executive Producer with Glewed TV on this series as I couldn’t think of a better network to bring an exclusive show of my own. I’m pouring my heart, soul and energy into this series. Glewed TV truly believes in my work and I believe in them as a company who continues to bring some of the best and most intriguing content to VOD audiences with their platform.”

“We are extremely excited for our partnership with Noah and iHollywoodTV: The TV Show,” said Dean Marco, Chief Marketing Officer at Glewed TV. “Noah brings his refreshing and engaging personality to the Glewed TV family and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase him for the world to see. This exclusive partnership will bring something unique to our audience that they have never seen before!”

iHollywoodTV: The TV Show premieres Saturday, June 19. Viewers can watch Noah and other Glewed TV programming by downloading the Glewed TV app available on Smart TV’s with Samsung and VIZIO with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV, iPad and iPhone devices.

To learn more about Glewed TV, visit https://www.glewed.tv. For more information about iHollywoodTV, visit http://www.iHollywood.tv.