CREATIVE SOLUTIONS Enhanced Ad Experiences Go beyond the :30s spot and engage with your target audience in a more meaningful way with Hulu’s innovative ad products. Play Video Transactional Drive sales by speaking to your target customer in an immersive, full-screen ad experience with tools designed to make buying easier and drive sales in real time. Play Video Situational Target consumers based on their actions for a more relevant advertising experience. Play Video Choice-Based Hulu’s choice-based ads gives consumers control over their ad experience, resulting in a more favorable and memorable advertising experience. CREATIVE SOLUTIONS Integrated Storytelling Align your brand with Hulu’s brand, values, or content with a custom integrated execution. In-Show Integration Insert your brand into the story by integrating into our Hulu Originals. Custom Creative Leverage Hulu’s in-house creative services to produce custom co-branded advertising. Branded Content Develop branded video content leveraging the power of Hulu storytelling.