Our Ads on GlewedTV are results-driven for specific brands.
Goal Driven
Useful and Efficient Ad Placements
In comparison with traditional TV, advertisements on GlewedTV grow brand responsiveness.
Our consumers get “Glewed” to our movies and TV shows. We provide an environment for users to watch up to 20 different genres of content, all in one centralized and easy to function platform.
Ad placements on GlewedTV have been proven to increase sales for our brand relationships.
By providing consumers with free, high quality, and studio produced content, GlewedTV creates a desirable platform with extremely favorable user engagement.
By partnering with GlewedTV, increase your brand awareness with results driven analysis. We’ve found that advertisements on GlewedTV to increase awareness, create a connection, and increase results.
Ad Spend on GlewedTV
Advertising dollars spent on GlewedTV is valued through data driven analysis on our platform. This drives real sales that are quantifiable.