Consumed by his own pent-up grief, a lost young man, with the help of drugs, spirals into a psychotic breakdown trapping him inside of his own mind, and learns the hard way that big emotions shouldn’t be suppressed.

'The Gods' is a modern day 'Romeo and Juliet.' Mikey James, as a young street hustler raised on the streets with his two brothers, begins to work for the Fasano family. He and his brothers desperately seek to find a way out of the hustling life style and the Fasano family business. However, in the meantime, Mikey James has fallen in love with Mr. Fasano's beautiful daughter, Sofia Fasano. As he struggles to make his own way, he begins his move to capture her heart. Despite the sworn contempt between the brothers and the Fasano family, Mikey and Sofia wed in secret. Once the wedding is exposed, the chain of fateful events that follow will forever change the lives of both families.

A mother and her son move into an old house with a dark and sinister secret. They experience random and strange occurrences and begin to wonder if it's the work of their depraved neighbor or something else entirely.

Tito is a man in his fifties. In the middle of a personal crisis, he decides to return to his village, from which he left more than 15 years ago, with the intention of putting in order what little he has left, his house. When he arrives, he finds a shady village subjected to the abuse of Los Crespo. With them lives La Rusa (the Russian girl), who will change her plans.  ESP: Tito es un hombre cerca de los 50. En plena crisis personal, decide volver a su pueblo, del que se fue hace más de 15 años, con la intención de poner en orden lo poco que le queda, su casa. Cuando llega se encuentra un pueblo sombrío sometido al abuso de Los Crespo. Con ellos vive La Rusa, quien cambiará sus planes.

A man returns to Puerto Rico to help his sister get her life together only to find she's been missing for a week and he tries to piece together the events that led to her disappearance.

After her mother remarries, Carrie finds herself babysitting her new stepsister. As paranormal forces emerge, her faith and resolve are put to the ultimate test.

A young man has a mere six hours to escape with his best friend from their hometown before a nuclear reactor explodes.

As the night falls in sunny California. The wolves take to the streets where only the strong survive and the weak get eaten alive.

A once famous, and now washed-up, Hollywood Screenwriter, fighting to finish his latest script with an unrealistic deadline. He finds himself in the center of a murder investigation involving a prominent politician's wife. The surrounding events feed him inspiration for his script.

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