Country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons (Gabriel Macht) and his friend and road manager Phil Kaufman (Johnny Knoxville) have a pact: Whichever of them dies first will be cremated, and the ashes will be spread in Joshua Tree National Park by the other. When Parsons dies suddenly at 26, Kaufman feels guilty for not having done more to save his friend's life, but he intends to keep his end of the bargain, even if it means stealing Parsons' corpse and outrunning the cops to do it.

A gripping adventurous story of family love and devotion and of heroism and sacrifices made by the pioneers who tamed the Wild West. After the eldest daughter of a pioneer family is kidnapped by a mysterious Indian tribe, their eldest son risks his life to track her down and rescue her from the savage Indians.

This series follows twenty-two-year-old Marcus King who, with the help of his two closest friends, navigates through life after college and the ups and downs that come along with it.

A young girl raised in a strict family, attached to Arab customs, wants to have a pet. He steals a check from his father to buy it. Terrified to be discovered, she tries to recover the money. In despair, when he does not succeed, he ends up killing the young people who sold him the pet

A young folk music singer is murdered. Everything indicates as guilty his personal assistant, former president of the artist's fan club. But the reason that led her to commit this terrible crime is not so clear.

There has always been a theory that one of the members of a famous rock band of the 60`s died and was supplanted by a double. The matter returns to the fore when a young man claims to be the son of the deceased singer and have proof of fraud.

The son of a famous author of self-help books is suspect in the case of the death of a young woman who was dating him. His parents, to protect him, will alter circumstantial evidence, further complicating the case for the police.

Adiós a las niñas, tells the story of a scary kidnapping of three minors for more than 15 years.

The Price of the Ambition of Scandals. The president of the Banking Fund of the Americas is accused of assaulting and subjecting the waitress of a hotel. Everything seems to indicate that it is a plot to end the prestige of the international official.

Esta es la desgarrradora Historia de Crisanto, un buen padre que solo vive para su hijita, pero que en un momento de colera debido al alcohol se exceed en el castigo fisico por algo sin importancia y que tiene como consecuencia la perdida de las manitas de la nina… Crisanto enloquece de dolor y sabe que ni el suicidio calmara su tristeza. Pelicula que le conmovera hasta las lagrimas.

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