Jimmy Sites is joined by many different celebrities and Team Spiritual Outdoor Adventures friends as they hunt and fish across the world. A spiritual message is incorporated into each episode, and free "Heart of the Outdoor" Bibles and kid's S.A.F.E. activity books are offered to viewers.
Safari Hunter's Journal explores the role of man & hunting in todays 7 Billion+ person world. With hunting as the story telling device, Safari Hunter's Journal explores the people, places, habitat, and wildlife that make Africa the foremost destination for sportsmen & women worldwide, while incorporating current issues of conservation, human-wildlife conflict, and the role the tourist hunter plays in an ever more politically correct world.
A hunting show dedicated to hunting the largest whitetail deer in North America. Each week, Dr. Jimmy Steger along with numerous guests hunt at lodges around the country. If you want to see some of the biggest deer you've ever seen in your life, tune in weekly for new exciting episodes.
Join TV Host and fishing Legend, Jimmy Houston, for daily fishing tips, chances to meet him, and have a good time! Jimmy Houston travels across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and South American hunting and fishing. Shows are educational and entertaining geared towards the whole family.
TV show promoting the positives of hunting. Making a difference, one hunt at a time. Joey and I talked about what made us truly happy. We both had great jobs, very comfortable income, nice home, all the things most people say makes them happy. But we realized quickly that what drove us and made us truly happy was helping and giving back to others. As we looked around, we say so many people did this on a daily basis, not looking for recognition, just doing what was in their hearts. We wanted to do something to document our travels around the globe while spotlighting the stories of giving and the people who give of themselves. In a world dominated by negative stories, we hope to show all the positives in the hunting community here at home(US) and abroad. We hope you enjoy the journey.
Produced by Mike Ryan who is traveling America showcasing some of the Biggest, Brightest, & Experienced Gun Builders & Outdoor Product Manufacturers. The Real Hidden Treasures of the Firearm Industry.
Exciting, fast paced, complete reality hunting tv show that showcases one couples passion for God, their family, and all things hunting! Ted and Amber are very passionate about life and want to share their passion for God, family, and the outdoors with everyone they meet. Their mission is to inspire and encourage people to really live their lives for the Lord, love their family, and to just get out there and experience what the the good Lord has given us to enjoy.
A group of die hard hunters who live for the outdoors and God's great creations. Our one goal is to inspire anyone and everyone to join our pursuit.
Aaron Outdoors is an outdoor television/web show based out of Russell Springs, Kentucky. The team, made up of a father and three sons, bring various types of outdoor adventures to viewers ranging from whitetail deer, wild turkey, striper fishing and much more. Aaron Outdoors' mission is to provide a variety of high-quality action, that people of all ages can enjoy!
John and Beth MacPherson travel all over the country with their friends filming the fast-paced southern-style hunting, 704 Style. A group of hardcore hunters committed to conserving the traditions and introducing new experiences and technologies that cater to the everyday enthusiast.
Wylder Space TV is a platform for the adventuring spirit, we love everything creative and wholesome. Our content will include everything from how to brew to where to take your next adventure picnic! Wylder Space TV, Create. Explore. Share
Thailand TV- Learn everything you have ever wanted to know about beautiful Thailand. From Travel and Tourism, to beautiful beaches, live hockey games and so much more. Experience the rich culture Thailand has to offer from the comfort of your own couch.
Savvy Living is a nationally-syndicated TV show that highlights remarkable people and businesses throughout America, as well as noteworthy product, service, and travel purveyors. Each show covers a myriad of daily living topics, from interesting experts and exciting local and national events to innovative lifestyle-enhancing products and services to dreamy travel destinations...and everything in between. This fun and fast-paced half-hour lifestyle TV show hosted by lauded lifestyle, consumer trends and travel expert Merilee Kern. The ever-charismatic and affable host helps keep viewers informed and entertained.
Crafted in Canada tells amazing stories of people across Canada that pour their heart and soul into crafting tasty beer. On the first season of Crafted in Canada, It visits 12 breweries from Vancouver to Halifax. This show chronicles the impact that these brewers have in their communities. They are making great beer and building cool businesses at the same time.
An unscripted half-hour series, that takes viewers to the world’s hottest nautical destinations. Join us as we meet the people, see the places, and experience the lifestyle that keeps this $150 billion industry afloat.
As an abide surfer Oahu's, North Shore Eli Olson has mastered his tube-riding skills at one of the worlds heaviest waves, Pipeline. His passion for surfing started at a very young and continues to drive him to this day.

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