A young man has a mere six hours to escape with his best friend from their hometown before a nuclear reactor explodes.

Tragedy befalls a world-famous sommelier attending an important wine event when he suddenly, inexplicably loses his palate. His mission to recover his talent leads him on a journey through peerless wineries and beautiful vineyards, but most importantly into his own soul.

Loba is the journey that discovers how we experience childbirth nowadays with mothers and midwives testimonies.

Tomas is too much for his lone mother so she sends him to live with his older brother Federico, aka Sombra, in Mexico City.

Igor is a plumber; Pina serves coffee. It is winter and they both deeply desire each other, but they are not free. In trying to figure out how to realize their love, she decides to make a lion costume for her little son and he decides to buy a photocopying machine for his wife. Spring will come at last and with it the consummation of love, filling their lives with hope and sex.

Adam & Samuel, twin brothers who dream of success as cinema stunt men, become entangled with mafia after accepting an obscure assignment. Now, they are in for the fight of their lives. And this time, it's real.

Four artists - born in the same city - dig deep to reveal their connection with music. They are modern troubadours. Music is their soul - their lyrics transmit an intimate, sincere and unconventional message. A superb portrait of underground artists. (SUBTITLED)

Joel finds his wife’s dog Elvis half dead. This forces him out of home, something he has avoided for some time. After forgetting his keys inside, he’ll spend the day desperately trying to get back into his flat, his shelter

Arturo is secretly in love with his best friend Maria Elena who just see him as a good friend. Arturo wants to say the truth and invite her to the prom dance.

On the day of their dear friend’s funeral, three lifelong buddies steal the ashes and go on an adventure to see their favorite soccer team play in their final game -- with the deceased’s widow in hot pursuit.

Five women trapped in an elevator confess their bitter life experiences caused by evil men and society. Starring acclaimed Miss Universe, Denisse Quiñones. (Subtitled)

Gerardo is a nerdy teenager who is going to start college but he is still living with his possessive mom Ana Maria, who have a very close relationship. (SUBTITLED)

After many failures, the lazy and party girl Angel X100 gets a final chance from God to work at fixing injustices in the world. She is sent to Dominican Republic to solve neighborhood problems and learn a valuable lesson.

A fantastical journey into the world of a ten-year-old girl who, following a playground skirmish, is given the weirdest punishment in the history of weird punishments.

Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable - get a job.

Emilio is a teenager who falls in love with Sol Bezanilla who is a hot new girl in the neighborhood. He will do anything just to be nice with her and have any possibility to seduce her. (SUBTITLED)

Alejandra and her dad Roberto have just moved to town. She is new at school, he has a new job. Starting over is sometimes complicated when you have left so much behind.

Fran y Eddie son dos gángsters de poca monta que pretenden vender una maleta repleta de droga. Para ello, han preparado un encuentro con un comprador en una peluquería abandonada a las afueras de la ciudad. Las cosas tomarán un giro imprevisible cuando uno de ellos entre en el baño y se encuentre inmerso en un viaje temporal. El otro, por su parte, iniciará un meta-viaje por la propia película. Este es el punto de partida de una de las comedias españolas más sorprendentes de los últimos años, adaptación del montaje teatral de la compañía Sexpeare que causó sensación en la cartelera madrileña a principios de la pasada década. Todo un viaje, desde luego.

An advertising executive comes up with a campaign to defeat Augusto Pinochet in Chile's 1988 referendum.

A chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929); a war by the people of Mexico against the atheistic Mexican government.

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