Art Extremes- Dee Snider hosts Art Extremes, your first-hand look into the creative minds of talented artists who push the limits
and excite the senses. Art Extremes is a mind-blowing series that travels the globe to find the world’s most extreme artists of our
decade. Art Extremes, your half hour art attack that spikes the brain!

At DCity Studios, we are proud to be a part of so many different styles and genres in our productions with our various artists.

Horror-based talk show about current trends and interviews with relevant industry people.

Rick Wakeman has launched a new series called Rick’s Plaice. The show will feature the former Yes keyboardist telling jokes, sharing stories, giving live performances, screening archival clips and more. The six-episode series is an uplifting Darryl’s House meets Monty Python!

AXS TV NOW is an “always on” entertainment, music and lifestyle network tailor-made for entertainment junkies looking for world-class performances and concerts, compelling and inspiring stories about their favorite artists and celebrities and first-person insights into a world that shapes their lives.

Reality TV series based on the home and tour life of Eddie Money and family in Southern California.

The Very Very Best of the 70s is an American television series that spotlights the films, television series and pop culture moments that defined the 1970s

UBCTV- Our programming goal is to offer compelling, innovating, uplifting, informative and entertaining programming which reflects the worldwide urban multi-cultural experience.

Culturally Lit Africa - EFUA & Manhakim Lit. Ep.52
In this episode, we speak to Efua about her most recent song release with fellow childhood friend and artist Manhakim.

Inspired by the Golden Girls this high camp comedy group first appeared at Ru Paul’s Drag Con in 2017 and went on to perform in sold out audiences all over the country. How they discovered their roles, collaborate, and went from musical theatre performers to “The Golden Gays” makes them overnight sensations.

If These Walls Could Talk- The Fabulous Michael Musto Legendary Entertainment Journalist

While an outrageous fashion sense, elaborate videos, and spectacular stage sets are her norm, it's the music of Lady Gaga that has led to her explosive career full of fame and accolades.

Learn how singer Tina Turner reached superstardom with her highenergy style and gravelly voice and prevailed as the 'Queen of Rock n Roll'.

With previously unseen footage and performances from their 2013 world tour, this tribute charts their meteoric rise to fame, giving insight into their personal lives.

The Next Chapter With their phenomenally successful Take Me Home tour ensuring that One Direction continued to dominate the music landscape, this special gets personal into how their lives have been transformed.

Discover the story of multigenre performer and fashion promoter, Beyonce Knowles and the world's first hip hop billionaire, JayZ.

Follow the unlikely romance of the king of country, Blake Shelton, and pop princess, Gwen Stefani. Both stars braved their share of challenges on the way to writing their own love song.

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