The conscience of Los Angeles’s go-to mafia hitman is transformed when he rescues a woman taking the fall for one of his hits. But saving her life means his ex-employers are suddenly his worst enemies.

Mitsy dreams of ditching her harsh-tongued grandmother by running off to find the mother who deserted her. But when her mom turns up unexpectedly and wreaks havoc in their lives, Mitsy must decide whether the woman who raised her is her enemy or her strongest ally.

A homeschooled teenager rebels against his pot-growing neo-hippie parents by attending high school, but he discovers that “normality” is even more screwed up than his homelife.

Every table has a story at a bustling New York cafe. During one particularly busy brunch, the Manhattan hotspot's colorful staff and regulars hover on the edges of a disastrous blind date, a tearful farewell, and a terrible crime.

An uplifting romantic comedy about ‘plain Jane’ Sylvia who’s enticed by a gorgeous guitarist’s charms to take Flamenco lessons. The sexy rhythms move her feet, and Sylvia begins to blossom.

Marty and Harry embark on a journey through the minds of screenwriters, giving us a window into the parallel world of an artist's inspiration.

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This series follows twenty-two-year-old Marcus King who, with the help of his two closest friends, navigates through life after college and the ups and downs that come along with it.

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