Private: This Is Livin - This Is Livin S1E3 - Home then Indo

45 min 31 sec

In this video you’ll see a little bit of Koa’s morning workout in Hawaii. Then join him when he travels to Queens to support his uncle Scottie, who has a team of surfers competing in a tournament. Also travel with Koa and his crew to Indonesia (Nias, Bali) and the beginning of his trip to California

Koa Rothman, Surfer, Travel, Fun - This is Livin. If Koa Rothman is afraid of anything, he hasn't shown it - we’ve yet to see a wave that he's backed down on. Born and bred into a big name family on the North Shore, Koa took it upon himself to create his own legacy in surfing.  Watch his exploits both on the water and off.


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