Private: This Is Livin - This Is Livin S1E7 - Chasing Mavericks

1 hr 7 min 33 sec

The Pipeline Trials run with some great conditions. The team tracks a swell heading to Mavericks and heads off to California. After this, Koa and friends enjoy Half Moon Bay as Mavericks get some solid swell. Checking out San Francisco and surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Koa Rothman, Surfer, Travel, Fun - This is Livin. If Koa Rothman is afraid of anything, he hasn't shown it - we’ve yet to see a wave that he's backed down on. Born and bred into a big name family on the North Shore, Koa took it upon himself to create his own legacy in surfing.  Watch his exploits both on the water and off.


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